Diane Weinrath*
Associate Counsel


LLB, University of British Columbia (1994)

Bar Admissions

British Columbia (1995)

*Practicing through a Law Corporation


Diane Weinrath has over 20 years of experience in litigation. She has appeared at all levels of court including the Court of Appeal. Specializing in insurance defence work for motor vehicle accident litigants, Diane particularly excels at rigorous trial work. If the case should call for it, she is prepared to defend her clients’ interests in any court.

After working as in-house counsel at ICBC for 10 years, Diane came to Virgin Hickman in 2009. She enjoys the firm’s collegial atmosphere and being able to walk into the office of such skilled and experienced litigators to discuss complex legal issues.

Diane has an aptitude for medical cases and can readily assist with claims involving complex medical issues, such as chronic pain, mild traumatic brain injury, auto-immune disorders and psychological disorders. Her academic mindset allows her to craft incisive and persuasive mediation briefs, discovery questioning, and submissions to the court. Diane has made success at trial a cornerstone of her practice. Her last three trials resulted in significant wins for the client. Through her dedication to her clients, she has helped set numerous beneficial precedents.

For many years of her legal career, Diane was a single mother. This only made her work harder in the office and in court, while striving to achieve a work-life balance. When she is not busy litigating, Diane enjoys travel, skiing, hiking and relaxing with her family after a hard day’s work.

Representative Matters

Diane is a practiced and proven court litigator. Her last three trials resulted in significant wins for the client: in that the trial awards given were less than her client’s formal Offer to Settle. Her dedicated work also resulted in numerous beneficial precedents.

On many occasions, Diane has advanced her clients’ interests in hearings related to costs assessments, after a formal Offer to Settle. Diane has served as counsel on the following reported cases: including a successful Registrar’s hearing and the defence of two levels of appeal in which MRIs and duplicative expert reports were disallowed:

  • Farrokmanesh v. Sahib et al. 2010 BCSC 497, 188 ACWS (3d) 356 (Registrar)
  • Farrokmanesh v. Sahib et al. 2010 BCSC 1797, 195 ACWS (3d) 636 (BCSC)
    leave to appeal refused (BCCA)
  • Gonzales v. Voskakis 2013 BCSC 675, (2013) CPC (7th) 180, 227 ACWS (3d) 337, 2013 CarswellBC 997