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Stevens Virgin is proud to announce the launch of our new website

Our lawyers take an active, uncompromising approach to litigation, which is why we decided to build a website that reflects our resilience and our drive. This new website was designed to make accessing our litigation expertise that much easier for our clients.

This new website gives Stevens Virgin a bold new look, reflecting the unwavering determination of our team. Our new site showcases the enduring strength and expertise for which our lawyers are well-known. It also makes it easier for clients to get in touch with the lawyer best equipped to advance their interests.

“Our lawyers are strong in court,” Mark Virgin said, “but just because we’re veterans of a lot of hard fought trials that doesn’t mean our firm can’t look good. This new website gives us a powerful new look to match our heavy-hitter status.”  

Mark continued, “We’re ready to serve as tireless advocates for our clients’ interests, whether it’s mounting a defence or pursuing a claim.”

We look forward to seeing you online, and if you’re in Vancouver and you’re looking for a proven litigation team, you are still welcome to come knock on our door.

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